About Terremark
Terremark, a Verizon Company, is a leader in transforming and securing enterprise-class IT on a global scale. A subsidiary of Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq:VZ), Terremark sets the standard for IT deployments with advanced infrastructure and managed service offerings that deliver the scale, security, and reliability necessary to meet the demanding requirements of enterprises and governments around the world. With a global network of data centers and a comprehensive portfolio of secure solutions, Terremark is helping enterprise and government executives realize the power and promise of the cloud today. For more information, visit

About Globe 2 Technologies
Globe 2 Technologies, a leading SAP Infrastructure services provider that helps organizations implement, migrate or optimize their SAP landscape in cloud, Globe 2 Technologies is Certified Partner of Terremark, a leading global provider of IT infrastructure services.
This relationship gives Globe 2 Technologies the ability to deploy Terremark's industry-leading cloud computing, co-location, managed services, disaster recovery and cloud storage to its mid-market, enterprise and government clients throughout United States.

SAP Migration to Terremark Cloud.
SAP Migration and Integration with Cloud solutions, as with any software solution, executives must have a realistic plan (and timeframe) to securely implement the new solution, to migrate operations from the old to the new, and then to - turn off - the old solution. This should be part of a comprehensive business migration/disruption plan, developed in close cooperation with all business managers, IT managers, and IT vendors. This is especially critical if you have multiple add-ons and customized third party applications that are running alongside your core ERP and which will need to be appropriately migrated as well. Globe 2 Technologies can help customers to plan and migrate their SAP landscape to private or public cloud. We help you plan deploy a new SAP landscape or migrate your existing SAP Landscape to a Terremark's virtual private cloud or enterprise cloud.

Our Services
- Cloud Migration Assessment
- Cloud Migration Planning
- Cloud Landscape Design and Build
- Landscape Migration to Cloud Including OS/DB Conversion
- Operations Management Support in Cloud